Parliaments of the European Union – The visualisation of democracy

Some books are astonishing owing to their concept, the intense effort involved in their realisation and the endless perfection of their execution. The idea is simple: an image sometimes says more than a thousand words. Nonetheless, experiencing the historical significance of the 28 parliaments in Europe required a project that involved years of work (2010-2016) and concentration to record each moment of action. In some cases, the photographer needed a whole day to capture an image. The end result surpasses all expectations as the reader is invited to view sets of “fold-out” images that are connected in the style of an old medieval panel. The result is an experience that seduces the senses.

The Power of Corporate History

The corporate history provides answers to the core questions: Who are we? What makes us unique? What is our purpose? It is a pillar of the modern-day business story.

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