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With more than 25 years of experience, Storytelling People is an authority in the field of anniversary, company, organisation and corporate stories. We speak the same language as organisations and work in a result-oriented and efficient way. We are the company that innovates company history through corporate storytelling and offers offline as well as online products.

  1. We believe in the power of storytelling.
    Our stories connect people and are more personal.

  2. We believe in the connecting power of the corporate history and corporate story.
    Our stories connect the past, present and future and are more communicative.
  3. We believe in the power of Dutch design.
    Our stories connect concept, text and design and are contemporary.

Our specialisms

Our stories get down to the organisation’s origins, people, milestones, successes, setbacks and triumphs. Together with you, we take up the challenge of capturing that story, the corporate DNA and your associated heritage, in a coherent, stimulating, compelling and lasting way. In a story that embraces the past, celebrates the present and welcomes the future.

Anniversary story

In the Anniversary story, we delve into the history of your company: what made it big and successful, how did that come about and where is it heading? A living story of pride, ambition and value.

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Legacy story

The Legacy story brings to the fore the inspiring story of an enterprising or social personality: what is the secret of your success, what do you want to pass on to future generations, what have been your defining life lessons? An inspiring story about meaning, insight and successes.

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Success story

In the Success story, we search for the story and glory behind a game-changing project: what is the significance of the project for people and the world, what were the challenges and what setbacks needed to be overcome, what makes the project unique? A connecting story about ambition, glory and impact.

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10 unique storytelling qualities for a corporate history

The magic of the brand

The way in which people experience brands is a magical process. This is precisely the time in which people are starting to look for the meaning of the brand, what it can and wants to mean to their lives. It increasingly influences their purchasing decisions and that increases the value of a consistently told business story. An anniversary book is therefore of added value as an extra marketing, content and PR tool.

Belief in people

Success begins with belief. Belief in your own strength, in opportunities and possibilities, in people and what they can do. It is a rewarding theme when developing a company history or company book. Because it highlights the strong leadership that underpins successful companies.

The passion that keeps pushing you forward

Passion is an abstract concept but it remains an enormously rewarding source of storytelling for companies. Because passion always tells the story of people. It is people that make a company and give it colour. Passion always produces the most inspiring stories, which give a company character. 

The reliability that delivers added value

Reliability is experiencing a revival as a storytelling theme. In this dynamic, confused world, people are looking for something they can hold on to and are going back to basics: a company in which they can believe. Always do what you say, always deliver what you promise, both in products and behaviour. 

The fascination for the new

It might be the pursuit of absolute perfection. Or an obsession with discovery and innovation. Fascination for the new, the unknown, is a strong motivator. It produces scientists and entrepreneurs, Nobel Prize winners and companies that change our world. As a source for a company story, it is therefore fascinating in itself.

The pride that runs right through the company

A business doesn’t need to be a family business to feel like a family. Pride is a binding force and a company book is an excellent tool to strengthen that bond. It also helps to bring out people’s emotions. The feeling of sharing the same story is unbeatable.

The tradition that shifts with the times

Tradition has always been an almost limitless source for storytelling. A company that has been active for so many years proves that it is flexible, open minded and innovative, and capable of continual change. Origin and tradition produce pride and provide a solid narrative basis.

The team as connecting story

We are all individuals and yet we all want to belong to something. Without exception, good companies are companies in which the team spirit is tangible. Teamwork, togetherness, collegiality, pro-activity – one thing leads to another and that makes ‘team’ a cast-iron theme for corporate storytelling, in whatever form.

Responsibility for the world around us

There is an increasing demand for companies to not only work for themselves but also to contribute to society. Companies must really (want to) be of significance to this world. Organisations that take on social responsibility build a sustainable company story.

The authenticity of a conviction

Authenticity is not something you can invent, it is there by nature. It cannot be imitated or faked; you either have authenticity or you don’t. It is one of the pillars of storytelling, because authenticity and honesty are always recognised and appreciated.