Start a fire: Anniversary, Legacy and Success story

A company is a story. That story inspires and enthuses people, creating an internal connection and engagement. Externally, the story promotes recognition, appreciation and sympathy. Companies with such a story are usually more successful than others. We draw out that story, the history and DNA of the organisation, and give it form and content, engendering emotion.

We develop stories that create a spark between management and employees, between brand and consumer. The result is always a collective product that expresses the pride of the organisation. A result that has obviously been produced with care, attention and dedication. That shows who you are and what you stand for. A unique answer to the fundamental question: What’s your story?

Tell us your story and we will pass it on. We are Storytelling People. Welcome.

Corporate anniversary ideas

There are always moments that give rise to a story. The founder is retiring soon. An anniversary is on the horizon. A new business direction is being taken. These are the perfect moments to finally record and tell the company story in a composed and detailed way – to share it with everyone at the same time in a book, film and/or online.


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Making an anniversary book and/or company book is a specialism. We have all the professional disciplines in house to produce books. In a book, the present, past and future of your organisation are connected in a lasting way. Every book that we produce is unique in the way it is customised, its quality and communication.


corporate anniversary film – company anniversary video

An anniversary film offers unlimited possibilities; your company history can be included in a longer company film or in a collection of short online films, in which each part of your story is highlighted. The history can be interwoven with colourful animations, expressive re-enactments, infographics and contemporary business reports. Stylishly filmed interviews give stories the right personality. Video is increasingly being used and watched, it is the storytelling of today. And of course the interaction between book and film, online and offline, also remains interesting.


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Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube…. History moves on quickly. Our core disciplines of book and film form an irresistible combination when translated into successful online stories. Transform your story from a factual account into an experience for employees and customers.