LeaseWeb – The guts of entrepreneurship and innovation

WOW! A distinctive book also requires a daring client. Internet company Leaseweb wanted an English-language book that was completely different in all respects. It needed to describe the core values, surprise employees and customers, and above all recount the amazing effect of the entrepreneurship of the founders and the organisation.

‘Fasten your seat belts’ is the first of 20 amazing stories.

This book sparkles, seduces and connects people with a special company story. As an object alone, with its wire-o-binding, linen cover and cassette, the book is a small monument to achieving amazing things.

“The most surprising thing is how the makers have managed to show something of today’s company in addition to its history. What they have delivered is a book that offers the best of both worlds.” 

The Power of Corporate History

Employees and business relations look back together on memorable events and expectantly look forward to the future. Proud of what the organisation has achieved and a feeling of togetherness.

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