Heineken – The magic of the brand

‘The magic of Heineken’. A sturdy, 448-page book about the world of Heineken. The paper used alternates between matt and glossy, in order to reinforce the business story.

“I read ‘The magic of Heineken’ breathlessly. What a fascinating book. And what work went into it. I would also like to thank you for your unbridled dedication and enthusiasm throughout the process from idea to book! I valued our collaboration greatly.” 


Each section explores different themes, supported by plenty of photographs, large texts and extra attention grabbers per page. Passion, courage, attention, social, cosmopolitan, status, authority, respect, personality, friendship, consistency, ambition, experience, Heineken… Its recognisable core values and playful character make this an attractive and communicative book. ‘The magic of Heineken’ is the story of how a modest brewery in Amsterdam grows to become a magical brand all over the world. The star of this book and film is Heineken.

The Power of Corporate History

The corporate history provides answers to the core questions: Who are we? What makes us unique? What is our purpose? It is a pillar of the modern-day business story.

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