The story behind the production of an Anniversary book

We see the process of making an anniversary book as follows…

  • anecdotes
  • milestones
  • successes, crises overcome
  • dreams, exploits
  • symbolism, metaphors
  • people, emotions, experience…

History consists of facts. But more is needed for a vibrant company history. Storytelling People works with concepts in which facts become a story. We reveal the unique story of your company or organisation.

A good start…

You are interested in your company’s history. You would like to see it recorded. But how? Storytelling People has the answer.

As in any good business relationship, there is an introductory meeting between your and our company. In the form of a presentation, we offer our vision on how your company’s history can be best brought to light. Which target groups should be reached? What is the main concept for the book or DVD? What will we describe? What will the design look like? How will the communication goals be reached? 

Our vision on your company’s history will inspire and convince you. And importantly, we have fixed pricing arrangements that allow you to make a well-considered financial decision. 

The starting point is good, the effect even better.

  • Introductory meeting
  • Wishes 
  • Presentation
  • Enthusiasm
  • The Handshake
  • The Beginning

…and a considered approach…

No company history without thorough research in advance. Storytelling People has unrivalled experience in the company history field. We know about their development and speak the language. Interviews are held with the key people within the company. In addition, a great deal of attention is paid to written sources both within and outside the company. The internet is also a rich source of information today. We look for an answer to the question: what is the soul of your company?

  • Questions
  • Searching
  • Interviews
  • Passion
  • Soul of the company

…with targeted communication…

A clear concept steers the project, communicates and adds value to the separate components that form the whole. In our opinion, being excellent does not mean copying other companies but developing your own concept and communication.

We pay a great deal of attention to both the texts and the images. The texts are easy to read, informative and communicative. 

[ or: The text is finished. Past and present, broad strokes and striking details, brands and services are all described in a balanced and easily readable way. In short, a multitude of aspects are brought to the fore in a clear way.]

The design is of the highest quality, contemporary and appealing. Powerful visual language that best suits the identity of your company.

  • Concept
  • Inspiring texts
  • Creativity
  • Design
  • Communication

‚Ķensures values that…

Recording your history is invaluable to your company or organisation. What you stand for is confirmed and your internal staff and external relations can identify with your company story. The returns you gain from your corporate history are considerable. It is about reflecting values like:

  • Vision
  • Soul
  • Authority
  • Identity
  • Communication
  • Feeling

and… Success

To ensure a good end product, we pay meticulous attention to each stage of the process, from idea to realisation. We work with the best photographers, designers, printers and other specialists. Storytelling People is a quality name with impressive references. 

And we would like to maintain our reputation for you. 

Our experience and passion lead to an exceptional result: a book in which the history of your company is recorded in an inspiring way. A corporate history like that is worth its weight in gold.

  • Quality
  • Name
  • Reputation
  • and Appreciation
The Power of Corporate History

A story about a shared dream, in which employees, customers and other stakeholders wish to be involved.

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