The importance of proud ambassadors to the success story

Employees. Living history

 The foundations for an organisation’s identity often lie in the past. Successful businesses are those with an authentic story. A story that is credible and at the same time so inspiring, appealing and recognisable that people like to identify with it. The right company history brings people together and connects. It makes people look at things differently. This kind of story inspires and transcends the facts. It touches the past, clarifies the present and also outlines a path to the future. Your company history connects people inside and outside the organisation.


Employees are the best ambassadors for your organisation. By giving them the right tools to make your business story their own and to spread it, you will build a reputation that can’t be bought. Employees’ genuine pride radiates from your company and the spark spreads to everyone to whom they speak, professionally and privately. You can never ask for such dedication, only trigger it.

With the Success story, you focus attention on appealing and successful stories within the organisation. In short, a picture of your organisation’s success DNA. You show (future) employees and potential customers the essence of the team or organisation. What was their finest hour? What are their talents, what are their skills? What significance has a successful project had for society or a sustainable world? Pride is a powerful force for connecting people within a company.

The Power of Corporate History

Employees and business relations look back together on memorable events and expectantly look forward to the future. Proud of what the organisation has achieved and a feeling of togetherness.

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