The brand as carrier of the success story

A brand must set itself apart in the market.

To do this, it needs its own story. A story that fills out the personality of the brand and brings it to life, making it tangible for customers and consumers. But what makes your brand story special? It is the complex combination of impressions, knowledge of experience, original ideas and dreams that have come together in the brand over time. Your authenticity makes you special. Whereas advertising agencies’ work is based on marketing objectives, our work is based on the identity of the brand. First the soul, then the sell: we go further back and include the brand’s milestones in a vision and story. We provide the brand with an authentic story, which sets it apart it in a me-too world. Request our presentation here. Start a fire.

The magic of the brand story

You have a fantastic product and wonderful employees. But as well as a product, your customers are also buying a story. We give you a compelling brand story. What customer needs does your brand meet? Where do the best opportunities lie for the future? What are the inspiring customer stories? What is the strength of your brand? You don’t need to come up with answers to these questions around the conference table. They are already floating around in the minds of your employees, customers and suppliers. Their observations and experiences form your brand DNA. A natural and unique storytelling source to add colour to your brand story.

Unique themes within the success story 


In these changing times, people are looking for certainty and reliability. The appreciation of your brand is more than ever linked to your intention. Increasingly, a good brand strategy depends on who you are, rather than what you are. How committed are you? Innovation, sustainability, altruism; it is all focused on the long term and shows your willingness to invest in society. You will be rewarded with loyal people who are more than consumers or employees. They become ambassadors and ensure that your story is told over and over again.


Good stories are credible. Tell a story and tell it as consistently as possible. Only then will people really listen to you. We collect authentic stories and boil them down to their essence. Your Success Story becomes an inspiring story that gives direction to your brand. A credible story that you use to develop your brand. Telling each other stories is a timeless pastime. Exciting, amusing or inspiring. With the right story and the right narrator you always see the same magic occur: the feeling that you are sharing a unique experience together. Imagine if you could connect that magnetic force to your brand… Then you can start a fire!


Every story needs structure and suspense. What customer needs does your brand meet? Touching people in their hearts rather than their heads; that makes a strong brand. This presupposes an identification that goes beyond the mere quality of a product or service. Employees and customers want to be moved emotionally. Not based on a marketing strategy or target group analysis, but on an intrinsic, positive brand dynamic. Sharing brand stories is the ideal way to create connectedness. Because you don’t just want people to know the story: they need to experience your brand. Make them partners in your dream and this emotional power source will spread the fire. Your future will be shaped by people’s vibrant and real stories and experiences. Your brand becomes a vibrant storytelling community.


The value of a brand hinges on credibility. With strong brands, the organisation and brand are one. The identity and image are authentic. People experience that unity and feel part of a shared dream. Your brand story becomes a universal experience with an unprecedented appeal. A future-oriented brand is a brand that becomes part of our collective consciousness; one that we can relate to a genuine responsibility a company feels for people, the environment and society. How sustainable would you like to be? The brand story helps to embed your brand in society. Ultimately, it’s all about building lasting relationships. 

The Power of Corporate History

You are a passionate businessperson. Always have been. Driven by dreams and ideals, you have plotted your own course, going against the tide when necessary. This has brought you success, both in business and personally. Now the time has come to give something back. You want to calmly tell your story and, in doing so, captivate and inspire others.

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