Start with the Why

Start with the Why

What connects us? What is the reason for our existence? The company that does not allow itself the time to ask and answer this question is doing itself a disservice. After all, the desire for credible stories is growing. If anything is important today, it is unity of identity, unity of ambition. Not only getting everyone moving in the same direction, but also having the willingness to really go there. Research shows that every successful entrepreneur or business distinguishes itself communicatively with a clear Why – How – What. Within this Golden Circle, as Simon Sinek calls it, the Why plays the most important role. Companies that know their own story and keep it alive are more successful at their core.

Start a fire

Every organisation has a story. Not only about values, identity, brand and leadership, but also about dreams and visions. Whether your dreams have already come true or are still in the future, talking about them energises and inspires people. Stories can be very personal or about your organisation, reflective, guiding or future-oriented. We believe in the power of the story behind people, brand and organisation. A good story is like a fire, it spreads quickly, warms people, brings them together and captivates them. That same fire burns in the people at Storytelling People: scientific researchers and interviewers, storytellers, creative writers, designers and innovative concept and brand thinkers. Together we form a close-knit team that makes us both better. This has enabled us to connect with wonderful names from the international business community, including Heineken, Randstad and many more. Call or contact us to find out what kind of fire we can light for you. 

The future of a company often lies in the past. 

In the idea that someone once had. The years of ups and downs. The developments that have shaped the company into what it is today. It pays to make use of that past to give added direction to the future. The business history and core values of your company are central to this corporate history. More than a factual account, the corporate history is a story that creates recognition and transmits the feeling of the company to the people of today. It confirms what you stand for. Your employees can identify with your company story. Your business relations know what they can expect from you. Influential people and new employees gain insight into where you came from and where you want to go. Book, film, website, social media series, event: corporate history can be captured in many forms. Request an obligation-free meeting here. Start a fire.

The Power of Corporate History

You want your customers to experience the same passion and feeling for your brand as you do yourself. The success story identifies the power and essence of your brand, and gives you the means to touch your customers with your authentic brand story.

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