How to shape a legacy story

The art of conveying, an exceptional story…

  • anecdotes
  • milestones
  • successes
  • crises overcome
  • dreams, exploits
  • people, emotions…
  • realistic 
  • typical
  • distinctive
  • authentic

…and last but not least, appealing to the imagination 

A good start. Together, we will look for appealing anecdotes, facts and interesting items of trivia. You tell us and we listen. You show us everything and we look. We then switch roles. We tell you what we have heard and seen. To check it. To see whether we are on the same wavelength. In any case, we would like to know: 

  • what kind of person you are.
  • Where do you come from?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • Where are you now?
  • Where are you heading?

The answers to these questions form the ingredients of every Legacy story.

… as well as a strong storyline. 

A story hinges on a good storyline and catchy themes, such as:

  • What you are proud of?
  • What objective do you have in mind?
  • What mentality and values are essential?
  • What role does the organisation play?

Through specific storylines, we define and reach the core of your identity and history. The time for making choices begins. What form would you like the story of your life and organisation to take? What exact tone should be used? What images and illustrations should we use? As you know, a picture can paint a thousand words… 

… As you can see, we involve you in everything.

There is no other way, in our opinion. Ultimately, the story is your story. You and others will later need to take pride in it. 

Because you will want to use your story to bring your company and other matters closer to people. A legacy story also has a number of other very special properties. And these make the effort completely worthwhile.

  • The story conveys feeling
  • It appeals to the imagination 
  • It is authentic
  • It ensures that stakeholders can identify themselves with it 

Give your life’s work a soul.

The core of storytelling is a powerful story. The ultimate story about you and your company…

  • communicates 
  • inspires 
  • identifies 
  • expresses a ‘we’ feeling 
  • confirms your core values and meaning to the world
The Power of Corporate History

People will want to connect at a deep level with the feeling and power that your story radiates. Your company lives and breathes its story: in every manifestation. People feel united and together in a shared dream.

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