Become a leader of the story

Leadership and the story of the decision-makers 

Businesses do not run themselves, they are managed and what’s more: directed. The people who do this are often more than entrepreneurs, managers and CEOs involved in business. Who they are and what drives them is often reflected in the company they manage and direct. That makes it interesting to record and use their stories. To give an extra dimension to the company, a firm footing and direction to employees and stakeholders, or a vision on the future, the market, the world. Interesting people equal interesting stories, we know from experience. And often the beginning of a fire that spreads further throughout the company. Request an introductory obligation-free meeting here. Start a fire.

Leadership and legacy

Leadership in a modern context focuses on the question: to what extent are you able to bring your employees along with you in an inspiring story of your company? Unifying leadership is all about providing support and enthusing people.  As a leader, you bring great enthusiasm and passion to your daily work, in order to realise the organisation’s dream. In between times, you sometimes take a moment to step back and reflect. You look for the story behind what you are doing and a compass for where you want to go. What have been the decisive success factors for the organisation? What has been the secret of its success? The organisation has achieved business successes of which you are rightly proud. What are the most important lessons from the past to guide the future? In short, you need a company story that shares past experiences with a story of today and also paints a picture of the future. You want to calmly tell your story and, in doing so, captivate and inspire others. Your experience becomes the experience of others and vice versa. That’s how you create a living history that inspires and connects people.

Leadership and storytelling

A company history records the story of your organisation, storytelling brings it to life. Our passion for storytelling stems from the conviction that a story can tell people something that might otherwise go unnoticed. A story can create a connection between people. People like to be part of a story. A story feeds pride, gives meaning to the work, guides, provides direction and offers a firm footing. Hundreds of stories are hiding within every organisation. Searching for them is a fascinating voyage of discovery, during which we are inspired by your passion. By talking, thinking and investigating, we come ever closer to the core of that story: the soul of your company. When we are finished, we have a versatile story, in the form of a book or film, in which the language used is always clear and the design sparkling. 

Leadership and vision

To get to the heart of your story, we immerse ourselves in your world. Thorough research, interviews and knowledge of the world produce a wealth of information. Through historical research, we unravel your company’s past developments. Through personal interviews, we connect the rationality of business models to people’s colourful perceptions. Founders, veterans, employees and customers share their views and experiences. We look for what makes your life and business unique. How do you inspire loyalty in people? What drives you and them? We take the time that you often cannot afford yourself in the daily rush. This creates a story that goes deeper and is richer, and therefore remains fascinating.

The Power of Corporate History

A rich and inspiring source for employees to participate in the shared story.

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