Frits Goldschmeding – Responsibility for the world around us

A passion for entrepreneurship is the legacy of Mr Frits Goldschmeding. In 1960, as a 22-year-old student, he started the temporary employment agency RANDSTAD. This organisation has become an extremely successful global company, keeping around 600,000 people in 39 countries employed on a daily basis. Goldschmeding foresaw that the world of work would change radically in the future. Through his story, you will learn more about entrepreneurship, leadership and the connections within an organisation, in a better manner than any management course. The value of this book lies primarily in Goldschmeding’s belief that entrepreneurs also have a responsibility to pass on their story and experiences, as inspiration to create a better world.

The Power of Corporate History

From the excitement of the first customer and the euphoria of the first successes to the growth and changes your company has gone through. The origin: the passion and drive to start the business. The corporate history is a reliving of all these milestones. It makes people proud and creates connectedness and vitality. You feel what you stand for.

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