Asics – Teamwork as a story of success

It’s your office – go run it! This book is all about a vibrant and new office that embodies the Asics lifestyle, while stimulating forward thinking and offering a healthy and sustainable future. If you really want to develop a groundbreaking new office concept, it’s all about having unique creativity and a strong collaboration. A team was formed to best serve ASIC’s needs through a collaboration between eight companies. The driving spirit of the people involved was to make this project a resounding success. This story describes the concept and design of the new office building in a step-by-step manner. Enjoy the spirit of this remarkable and ambitious project.

The Power of Corporate History

You want your customers to experience the same passion and feeling for your brand as you do yourself. The success story identifies the power and essence of your brand, and gives you the means to touch your customers with your authentic brand story.

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